I have grown up knowing midwives, about home birth, and even practiced as a doula for childbirth in hospital and at home settings. I interviewed Jennifer for my fourth pregnancy, with a list of questions on her competency, opinions, and birth practices. It was one after the other, and resembled more an inquisition than an interview.
It became clear to me that Jennifer was a midwife who had the skills, outlook, and birth support style I was seeking.

I can’t say enough how I consider myself and family absolutely blessed to have had her as our midwife on two different births.

She compassionately helps your whole family transition from the earliest weeks of pregnancy through postpartum, provides accurate information with ease, and gives you faith in yourself and ability to accomplish this miraculous task.

Jennifer posseses an intuition that is a unique gift, and after having had two completely different births in which my needs were very different- I can say she was always just what I needed.  By the day of the birth it shines through that you are on this wild journey with a wise woman at your side. ~ Katie


Perfect home birth. Jennifer Childress was the blessing that allowed for the most amazing birth of my daughter. ~ Marlys


If you’re considering a home birth, I recommend Jennifer Childress wholeheartedly. Whether this is your first birth, your umpteenth, or somewhere in between, she will bless you and your family with her gracious, warm-hearted presence, encouraging manner, and decades of experience accompanying couples on this awesome journey, from that first prenatal appointment to the last postpartum appointment—and beyond, as wherever possible, she stays in contact with the families she serves. (I love coming to our breastfeeding support group and seeing the names of children at the preschool in the same building, many of whom she welcomed on their original birthdays!) With every word and action, she conveys her profound faith in the transformative power of birth and the beautiful strength of the birthing mother. ~ Margaret


Jennifer Childress was my midwife for the birth of both my sons. My boys were born safely at home, in water. I called Jennifer when I was pregnant with my first son, now almost six years old. I was seeking a more personable, empowering option for myself as I was unsatisfied with the hospital care that I had been receiving. Jennifer arrived at my house for our first meeting and within minutes I was decided. I switched providers at 32 weeks and never looked back. Jennifer gave me the opportunity to be in control of my own birthing experiences. She is a knowledgeable, open-minded, gentle midwife, who trusts the birthing process and truly believes in a woman’s innate ability to labor and deliver naturally. Jennifer’s post-partum care was attentive and intimate. I will never forget the support and love she gave me when I was dealing with post-partum anxiety and depression. Her kindness and care at a crucial time in my life impacted me tremendously. I have since witnessed several friends receive the same exceptional care that I got with Jennifer.  ~ Erin


I had the very fortunate event of having Jennifer Childress as my midwife. Jennifer has an incredible gift to empower women and create a sacred space for them to experience their power. I had the freedom to be myself, to give birth to my baby in my uniquely natural way and to take care of my needs.  I would not have gotten those gifts with a hospital birth. It was an amazing experience for both my partner and I.  ~ Ariel