• We believe that birth is sacred.
  • We believe that you have the right to choose your birth setting, environment and experience.
  • We believe you are unique and that your care should be as well.
  • We believe that when we educate ourselves about health and nutrition we take steps toward enriching our lives and that of our families.
  • We believe in biodynamic birth. When you are supported in a safe setting with well-trusted caregivers and loved ones, you can birth your baby with minimal intervention.
  • We believe our role as midwives is to guard the birth process, creating a safe space for the birthing family. Through our faith in birth, our understanding of the various ways it can unfold and our experience with the complications that can occur,  the family can feel safe in this often unfamiliar experience.
  • We believe that when a change in plans is necessary due to a complication arising, we can make the transition to the hospital in a way that honors and maintains the sanctity of your birth.
  • We believe in furthering the age-old practice of midwifery as a wise woman tradition by utilizing simple tools, herbs, good nutrition, clean water, fresh air and love.
  • We believe in serving families in our community regardless of their financial status.