• I believe women have the right to choose their birth setting, environment and experience.
  • I believe that when women educate themselves about health and nutrition they take steps toward enriching their lives and that of their families.
  • I believe in biodynamic birth – that women who are supported in a safe setting with well-trusted caregivers and loved ones, can birth their babies with minimal intervention.
  • I believe women are unique and that their care should be as well.
  • I believe my role as a midwife is to guard the birth process, creating a safe space for the birthing family by my faith in birth and my belief in mom and baby.  By trusting in the normalcy of the birthing process, she and her partner can feel safe in this often unfamiliar experience.
  • I believe that a woman’s birth will be unique to her and that sometimes things don’t go as planned.  The birthing experience is beautiful when we honor and nurture the birthing mama/baby couple through their individual journey.
  • I believe in furthering the age-old practice of midwifery as a wise woman tradition by utilizing simple tools, herbs, good nutrition, clean water, fresh air and love.
  • I believe in serving women in my community regardless of their financial status.
  • I also believe in newly born goats struggling to stand, human moms reaching for their babies, butter spread on homemade toast, the swirl of hair on a newborn’s head, onion peak, raven calls, blue broken robin shells, unfurling sword ferns, stinging nettle tea, compost, breastfeeding, alder groves, western red cedar, spirit shared, singing, kid’s art and poetry, creative spelling, and babies tucked in bed with their parents.